CAMARSOL A different kind of realtor

Camarsol is just like one of the big estate agencies. Just a little smaller.

That makes us faster, simpler and much more pleasant to work with. For you, that also means cheaper and stress free.

Camarsol is a Norwegian/Spanish Real Estate company that has successfully been helping people find the right property on the Costa Blanca since 2003.

Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation for helping buyers every step of the way and giving guidance and support before, during and after the property purchase.

We are neither the biggest nor the loudest realtor in town, and we don’t want to be either. What is important for us is to be really good at what we do.
Camarsol is a small company with a big personality, and we are a family business that will make you feel like part of the family as well.
We like to think of ourselves as the “navy seals” of the real estate world down here – a special team that always gets the job done right!

Today our little family business is one of the main players on the Spanish property market and we are proud to have more than 300 happy clients willing to share their experiences with you. You can click HERE to read what they have to say about us.

In house competence
We are proud to be one of the only Scandinavian brokers on the Costa Blanca that carries out the entire purchase transaction in house, without external experts.

We have the formal competence and knowledge, a large network of partners, more than 18 years of experience and speak many languages fluently, so that we can guarantee you a safe and hassle-free experience purchasing property in Spain.

Honest Advertising & Processes
We believe people are tired of false advertisements and phony promotions. Beautiful property adds that are far from reality are only a source of frustration. In order to not waste your time, or ours, we are honest and direct from the very first moment and photo, to ensure your expectations are met when you come to see us.

It is important for us that you have a good overview of the whole process and how things work here in Spain. Therefore, we explain everything to you, every step of the way.

No super deals or sales gimmicks – just professional and clear guidance.

Customized Care
All people are different, and each customer is unique. Instead of offering ready-made solutions to suit everyone – and really, no one – we tailor a personal property search for you based on your wishes, needs and budget.

Because we are a slightly smaller broker, we work in a completely different way than the big agencies and spend more time getting to know you so that together we can find exactly what you are looking for.

We will give you our honest opinion and are very dedicated to each and every client.

Above all, we want you to feel safe during the whole process. That’s why we stay away from “pressure and stress” and instead offer you honest answers and an open dialog the whole way.

Quality Assurance
There are thousands of homes for sale on the Costa Blanca. A lot of good and a lot of bad.

Because our customers remain customers for many years to come, we are very picky when selecting properties, projects, construction companies and partners in general. If not, we would be stuck with a big pile of problems, and we are sure you’ll agree that there are so many better things to spend your time on here in Spain.

All the properties and new projects in our portfolio have undergone the strictest quality assurance procedures, so that you can relax and know that everything that is approved by us, upholds the highest standards.

For most estate agents, the job is done as soon as the deed is signed. For us, this is where the job really begins, For us, a sale is just the start of a beautiful friendship.

Through our exclusive members club CamarClub, we continue to help our clients in all sorts of situations, offering support and creative solutions and the best service in town – for many years to come.

We are available 365 days a year, so you can enjoy your new life in Spain – worry free.


Patricia is originally from Mexico, and after many years living in Norway she is also a Norwegian citizen. Patricia is a licensed translator for English-Spanish, but her professional background has been in diplomacy as a cultural attache at the Mexican Embassy in Oslo.

In addition to this, she has been working with shipping, art and interior design in Mexico, Norway and Venezuela.

Patricia has been active in the real estate sector in Spain since 2003 and has specialized in all the legal and juridical aspects.

As our administrative manager, she is the one who will guide you through the whole process of the legal transaction, such as the signature at the notary, and make sure everything is done properly and according to current laws, rules and regulations.

Most importantly, she will keep you informed every step of the way.

Patricia is the clients best friend, and with a big smile, loads of energy, and a little pinch of chilli, she will find a creative solution to any problem you might have.

Daniela Henna

Daniela is the new generation of Camarsol and became part of the family business in Spain in 2015. She graduated with an anthropology degree from Canada but her professional background is from international media and marketing. She has worked with a number of Governments and financial institutions in countries such as Botswana, China and Ecuador, where she coordinated projects to build communication platforms with the purpose of attracting foreign investors.

After a 4-year stay in India, she has replaced more exotic escapades for a quieter family life on the Costa Blanca with her family.

Daniela is the sales manager at Camarsol and usually the first one you meet in the pursuit of your dream home. When you land in Spain, she is the one who takes you to view the selected properties. Daniela is very passionate about personalized customer service and likes to tailor each search to each unique client.

Sigurd Henna

Sigurd is a Norwegian with an MBA in economy from Germany. He has many years of experience from the oil sector, and has been overseeing projects for the building of platforms and ships in Norway, as well as Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela.

Sigurd’s strength lies in project management and strategy, financial analysis and contract negotiations.

After a long and exciting career in the fast lane, Sigurd decided to take off his tie and enjoy some quality of life on the Costa Blanca – and has since 2003 never looked back!

Sigurd is the financial advisor at Camarsol. He keeps all our customers up to date with market analysis, investment opportunities and relevant information on economic fluctuations such as currency and oil prices that are affecting the housing market.

Mercedes Garcia

Mercedes is born and raised in Elche, and has been an invaluable member of our team since 2013.

In addition to a degree in business administration, and experience with an accounting firm, Mercedes has been working as a financial consultant in the banking sector for many years. Her expertise in finance and banking in Spain are a great resource our clients rely on a lot.

Mercedes is responsible for all the documentation and formal paperwork, and takes care of everything from NIEs, to tax returns and insurance.

We know that when the sun is shining and the temperature rises, it’s always nice to have somebody by your side who keeps her cool and makes sure all your paperwork is up to date and in order.

Rita Lundgren

Rita is a lively and colorful lady with a heart of gold. She is Norwegian and has lived in Spain since 2008 where she enjoys the local environment. Rita has a maritime background and has worked for 16 years on the Kiel Ferry as an area manager.

Since she came ashore in Spain, Rita has worked in the construction business with sales and customer service. She speaks Norwegian, English and Spanish fluently and is in charge of navigating our customers through the after sales process.

Rita is responsible for all follow-up after you buy a house and helps our customers with everything they need to get settled down in their new home.

Before our clients take over their properties, Rita goes and inspects the house. If there are any discrepancies she follows up with the owners/builders so that our customers feel safe and 100% satisfied with their new homes.

Rita is an expert in communication and helps you with what you may need to start your new life in the sun.

Toni Leirvik Larsen

Most Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, but this viking was born with a camera in his hand. Toni is the newest member of our “Dream Team” after having recently moved to Spain in search for new creative adventures under the Spanish sun.

Toni is the marketing manager and photographer here at Camarsol. It is he who comes home to you when you are selling your property to take pictures and make a video.

With Toni in the lead, Camarsol is producing much more video content so that you, sitting at home in front of the fireplace, get a good idea of our everyday life here on the Costa Blanca.

In addition to those of us sitting here at the office in Guardamar we have many amazing partners and support staff that form an important part of our team. An architect, lawyer, accountant, cleaning staff, pool man, plumber, electrician – just to name a few. You will be fortunate to meet many of these lovely people during your time here in Spain.

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